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Create Your Own Crown was designed to help you design your next look!

From Instagram all the way to Pinterest - The Natural Hair inspiration STARTS  HERE✨

                           How It Works:

The SewNatural Team has curated a list of items that will provide the EXACT same looks you’ve pinned, saved and even DM’d your friends! How do we know?  Because we are hair lovers Too!

What better way to browse than to know that you can come over to SNH and Create Your Own Crown!

We’ll start with a recent look shared by our SNH Beauty: @sewnatural 

Here you will find not only the pieces but a variety of closure / frontals options that can be used to Get The Look!

If you are interested in submitting a Create Your Own Crown photo, please email:

Be sure to include “Create Your Own Crown Submission” in the subject line. 

                     You Ready ? Let’s Go !


As of May 2020, The SNH Family been unable to source and/or secure any additional closure or frontal pieces due to the complete shut down of N.Korea.  We encourage you to seek out other Black Owned Companies such as Mercy Hair Extensions for further assistance with lace products.