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Do NOT share your lace pieces with anyone.  Hoard them.  Yes ! I’m serious 

The average cost of an amazing lace piece is in the U.S. is 500+ ( handmade ) 

We are actively waiting for the exchange of economical and lace power between NK and China.  While we have never offered lace products produced in China, we are now left with no other option.  

Pricing has gone up drastically, however your SNH CEO has invested heavily into bringing a new product to the forefront.  Our manufacturers have ensured us that this new 6-9 month time line for creation will be the same quality If not better than before. 

Curl Comparison Closures: 

 The SewNatural Colored Collection ( Ombre w/ #4 Root ) can be paired with the Deep Curly ( color is required ) 

The Vietnamese Wavy can be paired with the Natural Wave Frontal 

Tighter Curl Patterns like the Goldie Locs can blend well with the Twist Out Pattern once it is colored 

Stay Tuned