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Inspired by our teenage daughters. Jadah & Ari 

The SNH Drawstring Collection came as an idea in late 2018.  Our little girls had officially grown out of the traditional beaded styles and wanted to explore the world of extensions.  Their love for playing in my personal hair collection had become a bit overwhelming and honestly quite costly!  After a long debate, we decided as a family to add both Jadah and Ari into the fold.  Soon after, the SewNatural Luxury Kids Collection was formed.  

The kids went from playing in hair pieces to designing them! 

This brought a new sense of purpose to the brand.  It also gave the girls an outlet to learn more about entrepreneurship and the value of responding to a need in the market!

Shortly after the launch, we noticed that there were more inquiries about larger sizing options for adults and little ones too! This brought on new challenges, new costs and tons of restructuring.

Fast forward to Summer 2021 !  

We're still looking for ways to keep up with our now teens and naturally we've begun to shift the SewNatural Luxury Kids Collection into a high glamour mature and young adult extension line. 

The Luxury SNH Ponytail Collection

These ponytails are no longer " for the kids."  Several designs, customer reviews, television and red carpet interviews later - we've finally harnessed the type of product that the people have been waiting for!  The SNH Audience loves glamour, everyday glamour the type that allows you to throw on your trusty ponytail and take on the world. Be it date night, grocery story run or that fancy evening party  - We've got the perfect look for You.

So today we CELEBRATE the evolution! We cheer on the special little ones in our lives - because without them there would be no US.


With Love,

Mrs. Dionna Owens (C.E.O) Creator and Visionary

Ms. Jadah Owens (S.V.P.) and model for the upcoming Ready to Wear Units

& our little Ari Owens (V.P.)  and model for the clip in and Drawstring Line 

 The “Owens’ Family” Business