SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight

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SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight
SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight
SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight

How to Shop the SNH Raw South American Wavy Collection: 

1. Pick the length and we'll guarantee the luster ! 

This raw collection is one of our greatest raw hair discoveries to date.  Our company originated with Cambodian Raw Hair wefts but after researching, ordering and selling we noticed a huge decline in wefts that looked and felt like Textured Hair! 

It's been almost 8 years since I've had a much needed level of comfortability and trust with our Raw Hair collector and I couldn't be happier.  They've officially tapped into EXACTLY what we've all been waiting for since ARJUNI days !  Straight and Wavy are overflowing ... Curly Hair ( slightly longer wait but GET READY for your pre-order )  

 Items ship within 14 days 

SewNatural’s Raw South American Collection is 100%  RAW HAIR.  This means that there are NO alterations made to the hair.  All extensions are double drawn directly from the source.  No hair blending is involved, only Raw Ponytails!

So what does this Mean? This means that the days of tangling, thinning, short strand shedding are over. ¬†This means that your wefts are officially a collectors item and are handled as such! ¬†During each process, ( starting from the time of collection ) our¬†sourcer has picked each raw ponytail, inspected it and guaranteed its quality. ¬†The following process has everything to do with YOU ! Yes, YOU! ¬†It's your time to SHINE ( or in our case - Not Shine ūüéČ) ¬†


Welcome to Low Luster Raw Hair Heaven 

Flexible Weft! Great for Installs and Wig Making! One of the most sought-after types of hair extensions in the world! With our South American Wefts , 8-10 ounces can provide the same look as 4-5 (3.5 oz) bundles. Completely natural and un-processed, these textured strands provide endless versatility with lasting results. This raw collection has been tested and worn with a 1 to 2+ year wear time. Each texture can regularly be thermal styled, colored and washed with ease. The SewNatural Raw Collection has not been altered in any way to include dying, curl steam processing or relaxing. Cuticles are aligned at the time of collection and are ensured by examining each strand from root to tip.  Lusters range from Low, Medium Luster/ Medium Coarse.  All other Lusters will be featured under the SNH Collection.

Each bundle averages 3.5  ounces.  It is recommended that you purchase 9 oz / 3 bundles for a full install. 

All SewNatural Raw Extensions have been selected on the hair chart as a 1b-3 in color. 

The Raw Cambodian Collection is offered in lengths 8‚ÄĚ-28‚Ä≥ in three textures: Natural Straight, Wavy, Natural Curly and the Rare Deep Curly ( longer wait times for Rare Deep Curly )¬†

** Please note that no two bundles are alike.  We ask that when ordering please keep this in mind.  Each weft blends well once installed and blended together. 

** Display Photo is Wavy in 14-16 inches 

SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight
SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight
SNH | Raw South American Natural Straight