The Jewel Curl

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The Jewel Curl
The Jewel Curl

Now Available for Pre-Order ( 5 Bundle Minimum )

15 Day Production 

5 Day Delivery Time 

The VIP COLLECTION contains specific types of cool browns and blondes that are hard to achieve when lifting most natural toned extensions.  We've taken the guess work out of mixing formulas and provided a level of consistency that is unmatched in the curly extension market today!  

The Jewel Curl was created for the frizz, the curl and most importantly the color.  This 3b/3c blend can be straightened, braided, diffused and paired with a variety of looks!  We look forward to carrying more lengths as a permanent SNH item in the future.


Available to ship:  28 INCH TODAY

Color Specs: Level 4 Root, Low Amounts of Level 3, Level 27 Ash

The perfect blend without red undertones 

Comparable to the Twist Out Pattern 

The Jewel Curl
The Jewel Curl

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