Ari Pattern Clip In Set Gray & White

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Ari Pattern Clip In Set Gray & White
Ari Pattern Clip In Set Gray & White

If you're looking for a textured loose curly Salt and Pepper Clip In Set then the Ari Pattern 3b/3c  is for YOU!  If you're interested in wearing the pattern that still maintains its authentic curl without the tightness of the SewNatural 4b/ 4c.  It's weft are known for how they blend without the every day hassle of quality, luster and curl.   Made from 100% Virgin hair.  With our carefully created pieces,  we have now created clip ins that will cut your average styling time in half!  

 (Currently Available)   Ships within 48 hrs 

The 16/ 18in Pattern Available Today !

Consists of 9 Pieces

Double Layer Listed 

Perfect or adding small amounts of volume to your natural hair.  No braiding is necessary. Simply Snap and Go!  

 The Clip In Set is comprised of 9 pieces per set. Each weft was carefully measured and created to fit any head shape.  Machine sewn. Seamless effect!

Complete set consists of 2 Full Bundles of the SNH Collection chosen. Provided in length 12 inches.  Each set it designed to provide the density equivalent to a full install!

This collection has been tested and worn with a 12-18+ months wear time depending on the care of the extensions. Each texture can regularly be thermal styled, colored and/ or washed with ease. 

All SewNatural Extensions have been selected on the hair chart as a 2 in color. Detailed hair color requests can be placed in the comment section at the time of purchase but will result in an additional 20 day processing time (custom order)


** Pricing Below Varies

12 inch Texture ( 9 clips |8 oz 2 full bundles ) 310.00
16 inch Texture ( 9 clips | 8 oz 2 full bundles ) 390.00
18 inch Texture ( 9 clips | 8 oz. 2 full bundles )430.00 

Clip In requests with additional lengths can be requested and pre- ordered through
Ari Pattern Clip In Set Gray & White
Ari Pattern Clip In Set Gray & White

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