Ari 3b/ 3c 22in Clip In Set

SewNatural Hair


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The 22in Pattern Available Today !

Consists of 9 and Pieces

Double Layer Listed 

Perfect or adding small amounts of volume to your natural hair.  No braiding is necessary. Simply Snap and Go!  

 The Ari Clip In Set is comprised of 9 pieces per set. Each weft was carefully measured and created to fit any head shape.  Machine sewn. Seamless effect!

Complete set consists of 2 Full Bundles of the SNH Collection chosen. Provided in lengths 16 / 18  in The Ari Pattern.  Each set it designed to provide the density equivalent to a full install!

This collection has been tested and worn with a 12-18+ months wear time depending on the care of the extensions. Each texture can regularly be thermal styled, colored and/ or washed with ease. 

All SewNatural Extensions have been selected on the hair chart as a 2 in color. Detailed hair color requests can be placed in the comment section at the time of purchase but will result in an additional 20 day processing time (custom order)


** Pricing Below 

22 inch Texture ( 9 clips | 8 oz. 2 full bundles )430.00 

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